CRISPR-Complete Application Note

CRISPR editing problems? Check out CRISPR-Complete!

Introducing: CRISPR-Complete

CRISPR-Complete is a comprehensive service provided by CRISPR QC to  eliminate the pain points in your editing workflow.  Our all-electronic platform provides unprecedented insight into the underlying mechanics driving CRISPR editing success.

App Note

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  • Measure binding between candidate gRNAs and Cas proteins of interest
  • Quantify binding between Cas-gRNA complexes and target amplicons
  • Demonstrate cleavage of Cas-gRNA complexes and target amplicons


  • Achieve consistent, high-quality edits in a variety of settings
  • Precisely troubleshoot and optimize undesired editing outcomes
  • Ensure the quality and performance of your reagents
  • Save considerable time, money, and labor in vitro before entering costly downstream assays

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