Automated CRISPR Quality Control at the Comfort of a Lab Bench.

The CRISPR Quality Control Service

CRISPR-BIND is a quality control service offering unique insight for optimizing both CRISPR-Cas and gRNA designs and conditions for each CRISPR experiment ahead of editing. By screening for the reagents most likely to be effective, CRISPR-BIND can save you significant time and resources.


Built upon an entirely electronic platform with several capabilities ranging from performing quality control of CRISPR-Cas complexes and gRNA to optimizing CRISPR designs. Powered by Cardea’s CRISPR-Chip™, a chipset that combines CRISPR-Cas molecules with graphene-based Biology-gated Transistors (Cardean Transistors™), CRISPR-BIND speeds up your CRISPR quality control process and reduces the risk of false positives. All without the need for labels or amplification. Learn more about our QC technology here.

real-time CRISPR results

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Future Generations

Built upon the CRISPR-BIND software, future generations will have additional features:


  • Determine binding interactions of amplicons

PLUS Version

  • Run quantitative analysis of gRNA binding


  • Determine binding interactions of whole genomic DNA, amplification-free
  • Search genomes for sequences of interest

PLUS Version

  • Run quantitative analysis of both gRNA and genomic DNA, including kinetics

Early Access Program

Want to discover how CRISPR-BIND can revolutionize your CRISPR work? We are looking for experienced researchers in the CRISPR field for early access performance studies and valuable early feedback. To learn more about the program, fill out the form below and one of our specialists will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

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