End-to-end analytics of your CRISPR-Cas9 designs.
Editing Workflow

CRISPR Editing Problems?

Having trouble achieving consistent, high quality CRISPR edits? Here at CRISPR QC, we're familiar with the headache that comes with troubleshooting gene editing outcomes. With so many potential factors affecting editing success (i.e. cleavage activity, gRNA affinity, Cas complex formation, transfection, environmental conditions, and more) and no good means to assess them, pinpointing the source of variation in your edits can seem like a daunting task. Current techniques such as cell assays and NGS are of little help, as they are limited to assessing the end result of an edit.

Introducing: CRISPR-Complete

This is where CRISPR-Complete comes in. Through our comprehensive service, we work to identify and eliminate the pain points in your editing workflow. Our all-electronic CRISPR-Chip technology provides unprecedented insight into the underlying mechanics driving editing success, enabling precise troubleshooting and optimization. We deliver this insight in vitro, prior to beginning downstream assays, thereby saving you considerable time, money, and labor, all while achieving better edits. 

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Via CRISPR-Complete, we can do the following: 
  • Measure binding between candidate gRNAs and Cas proteins-of-interest
  • Quantify binding between Cas-gRNA complexes and target amplicons 
  • Demonstrate cleavage of Cas-gRNA complexes at target amplicons  

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