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CRISPR-Chip Displayed at German DHMD Museum

We are thrilled to share that our CRISPR-Chip, the backbone of our CRISPR Analytics Platform, is now being showcased at the German DHMD museum in Dresden as part of the esteemed exhibition 'Of Genes and Human Beings.’ Seeing our innovative technology displayed alongside Watson and Crick's DNA model is truly an honor and a testament to the power of the CRISPR-Chip.

Kiana Aran, co-founder of CQC and inventor of the CRISPR-Chip shares, “The CRISPR-chip can do genotyping in a matter of minutes! And because it's based on semiconductor principles it's very scalable, cheap, and can be used anywhere in the world. This is how we can democratize global access to powerful inventions like genotyping or genetic disease testing.” The data pulled from our CRISPR-Chip can provide valuable insights for scientists working on gene editing research, facilitating the development of novel gene therapies and sustainable agriculture.

This recognition is a significant milestone for us, as it highlights the potential of our technology to enable access to better gene editing data, ultimately helping scientists make groundbreaking strides in their research and unlock the full potential of CRISPR technology.

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