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CRISPR QC Appoints Dr. Toby Richardson to CRISPR QC Board of Directors

CRISPR QC has announced that Toby Richardson, PhD has been appointed to the board of directors.

CRISPR QC has already started proving that the unique capabilities of our CRISPR Analytics Platform can interrogate previously unknowable dimensions of gene editing that is translating into real value for our customers,” says Ross Bundy, CEO. “The next step in our development is taking this unique insight and building greater depth to our data and analytics capabilities. Dr. Richardson’s extensive experience in this space will be key to guiding this emerging aspect of our business.”

"I am honored to join CRISPR QC’s board. CRISPR QC’s CRISPR analytics platform is one of a kind, with many new types of data-driven insights that therapeutics, biotech, and agtech companies will greatly benefit from. I look forward to contributing to CRISPR QC’s data strategy to realize its full potential," says Toby Richardson, PhD.

Dr. Richardson co-founded Denovium inc in 2018, a company that used state of the art deep learning technology to solve the big data issues facing the pharmaceutical and industrial biotech sectors. Toby brings over two decades of industrial experience leading bioinformatics teams and developing and commercializing genomics software. Toby has served on the board of Agracast and is a scientific advisor to several Biotech companies. He is the author of more than 30 peer reviewed publications and is an inventor on more than 20 patents. Dr. Richardson received his PhD in Drug Metabolism from the University of Surrey.

CRISPR has the potential to be the defining technology of the 21st century. CRISPR is showing promise to cure previously uncurable diseases, secure our food supply, and much more. However, these advancements are not without risks or blind spots. The need for quality control and insight has grown concurrently with the advances and successes of CRISPR gene editing. At CRISPR QC we utilize our CRISPR Analytics Platform, powered by the CRISPR-Chip™, to optimize and de-risk gene editing outcomes by providing a new form of insight into CRISPR.

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