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CRISPR QC Closes Seed Round at $1.6M and Appoints George Bonaros to Board of Directors

CRISPR QC has announced that they have closed their Seed Round at $1.6M and appoints George Bonaros to Board of Directors to fuel commercial growth of their CRISPR Analytics Platform. The round was led by Serra Ventures.

CRISPR QC’s CRISPR Analytics Platform provides new dimensions of data and analytics to CRISPR gene editing that allows their partners to accelerate product development. The platform is built on CRISPR-Chip, which is uniquely capable of directly measuring CRISPR activity.

The seed round funding is being invested to advance commercial development of the CRISPR Analytics Platform and to further enhance data analytics capabilities.

“CRISPR QC has been proving with our early customers that our CRISPR Analytics Platform brings new dimensions of data that allows them to advance their CRISPR product development and that we are a valuable partner throughout the editing process,” says Ross Bundy, CEO. “Driven by this momentum, we are intensely focused on continuing to accelerate our commercial adoption bringing our insights to new customers. George Bonaros is a clear fit to help guide this stage, he brings an extensive network and over 20 years of relevant commercial experience.”

"I am honored to join CRISPR QC's Board. Their CRISPR Analytics Platform and its proprietary CRISPR Chip technology are set to revolutionize the level of precision in genome engineering. This will undoubtedly lead to faster and better outcomes for customers of CRISPR QC - setting up them up for a unique competitive advantage. I look forward to contributing to CRISPR QC's success and the promise of accelerating the delivery of breakthrough CRISPR-based therapies and non-GMO crops,” said George Bonaros.

George played a major role in closing CRISPR QC’s seed round through his firm CaerusX Ventures. In his leadership role at Biocom and with previous companies, George has been helping accelerate the success of life science companies for over 20 years. George received his Masters of Science in Drug Development and Product Management from the University of California San Diego.

CRISPR has the potential to be the defining technology of the 21st century. CRISPR is showing promise to cure previously uncurable diseases, secure our food supply, and much more. However, these advancements are not without risks or blind spots. The need for quality control and insight has grown concurrently with the advances and successes of CRISPR gene editing. At CRISPR QC we utilize our CRISPR Analytics Platform, powered by the CRISPR-Chip™, to optimize and de-risk gene editing outcomes by providing a new form of insight into CRISPR.

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