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Our Technology

We've developed the world's first and only CRISPR Analytics Platform

CRISPR Analytics Platform

The four pillars of our platform are:

  • Instrument

  • CRISPR-Chip

  •  Data

  • Analytics

Learn more about each pillar below.

To ensure the most accurate results, we utilize robotic liquid handling systems to perform CRISPR experiment measurements.


The technology backbone of CRISPR QC is our exclusive access to CRISPR-Chip. Invented by our co-founder, Dr. Kiana Aran, and earning the cover of Nature BME, CRISPR-Chip is uniquely capable of analyzing CRISPR activity to provide predictive insight. 

Learn more about CRISPR-Chip:


Our CRISPR Analytics Platform provides detailed insight into various CRISPR elements, such as RNP stability, cleaving activity, and key kinetics that drive multiplex editing efficiency. 



Machine learning-powered algorithms provide actionable insights, saving time and effort in bringing products to market.


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