Technology Powered by Cardea

Discover the Power of CRISPR-Chip™

Powered by Cardea, our CRISPR quality control technology uses highly sensitive electronic signals rather than optics or labels to accelerate research. The CRISPR QC platform leverages CRISPR-Chip, a chipset that combines CRISPR-Cas molecules with graphene-based Biology-gated Transistors (Cardean Transistors™). This enables rapid and highly sensitive readings of biological interactions as they happen and allows the researcher to interact with their CRISPR optimization experiment.

Features of our CRISPR Quality Control Technology:

  • Live-streams insight to biological binding interactions as they happen in almost real time
  • Automated and electronic system to minimize the risk of human variation and error
  • Optimize gRNA, Cas, and the editing environment of your different use cases
  • Receive fast insight to how well your CRISPR setup and experiment performed via user-friendly software


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CRISPR-Chip in Nature Biomedical Engineering

Want to learn more about CRISPR-Chip? Featured on the June 2019 cover of Nature Biomedical Engineering, the CRISPR-Chip paper was the most read paper published in 2019 .