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Who We Are

Our mission at CRISPR QC is to drive the realization of gene editing's potential.

We do this by providing innovative quality control metrics and insightful data to enable revolutionary advancements in therapeutic medicine and sustainable agriculture.



We aim to optimize experiments and improve the success rate of CRISPR-based therapies. CRISPR has the potential to revolutionize medicine, but successful clinical application requires QC. Learn more here.



Sustainable Agriculture

CRISPR QC enables farmers and researchers to harness the full potential of CRISPR technology to combat the impacts of climate change, protect biodiversity, and promote a healthier planet for future generations. Learn more here.

Meet The Team


Board of Directors

Kiana-1 (1).png

Dr. Kiana Aran

Board Member, Co-Founder

Dr. Aran is a pioneer of combining CRISPR with modern electronics. In addition to inventing the CRISPR-Chip™, she is an Associate Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics at Keck Graduate Institute.

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toby richardson headshot.png

Dr. Toby Richardson

Board Member

Toby brings to the board strong experience of commercializing life sciences from a machine learning and data analytics perspective. As Co-founder of Denovium and fromer VP at Synthetic Genomics, Toby has strong experience in commercializing life sciences.

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Dr. Paul Grint

Board Member

Dr. Grint has more than two decades of experience in biologics and small-molecule research and development, including serving on the Boards of Illumina and AmpliPhi Biosciences.

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gb headshot.png

George Bonaros

Board Member

George has played a major role in CRISPR QC's fundraising through his firm CaerusX Ventures. His leadership role at Biocom, in addition to his many years of experience in marketing, makes him an invaluable asset to the board.

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Scientific Advisory Board


andrea vallejo headshot.png

Andrea Vallejo

Senior Laboratory Technician

Andrea Vallejo is a valuable member of our team, bringing her expertise in biotechnology and meticulous lab skills to the table. Her sharp thinking and attention to detail make her essential to our lab operations.

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andrea vallejo headshot (1).png

Magaly Aguirre Sanchez

Technical Sales Associate

Magaly's strong technical background, combined with her experience in both the lab and sales, make her a valuable member of our team. She has been with us since our developmental stages and has previously worked at Thermo Fisher and Fulgent Genetics.

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mariel headshot.png

Mariel Goeller

Laboratory Technician

Mariel holds a degree in Neurobiology from UC San Diego, and is an integral member of our lab operations.

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shweta headshot (1).png

Shweta Karkee

Marketing Specialist

Shweta handles CRISPR QC's media and communications touchpoints and brings a blend of experiences in both the life science and marketing to the table.

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