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The World's First and
Only CRISPR Analytics Platform

Real-time biophysical insights to predict and optimize gene editing

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Where Innovation Meets Precision

At CRISPR QC, we're not just pioneers; we're partners in your journey to shape the future of gene editing. Our mission? It's simple yet profound: to empower you, our valued customers, with cutting-edge solutions that redefine possibilities and drive breakthroughs.

With our state-of-the-art CRISPR-Chip technology, we're putting the power of precision and safety back in your hands as you navigate the incredible realm of gene editing. As you innovate and explore, remember, you're not alone. CRISPR QC is your trusted ally, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make your dreams of healthier, brighter tomorrows a reality.

Unlock Efficiency, Unlock Value

Time is money, and we're here to help you save both. The CRISPR Chip's real-time insights through our Analytics Platform enable you to maximize each editing stride. Ready to make the most of your resources? Secure your pilot study today.

 Experience unmatched accuracy and efficiency with the CRISPR Analytics Platform and our game-changing CRISPR Chip. 

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Edit with Confidence

Elevate Your Editing

Unleash the full potential of gene editing with CRISPR QC. Our CRISPR Analytics Platform, powered by the cutting-edge CRISPR Chip, empowers you to fine-tune every editing step for effective results.

Powering Predictive Insights

The heart of the CRISPR Analytics Platform is CRISPR-Chip™, built on the Cardea BPU.


CRISPR-Chip™ is the only technology that can: 

  • Directly measure interactions between nucleic acids and proteins 

  • Measure the activity of CRISPR in real-time  

  • Perform genotyping without amplification

CRISPR QC has an exclusive license to CRISPR-Chip for gene editing applications.  


Learn more about CRISPR-Chip in the cover article of Nature Biomedical Engineering and in our App Note: 

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Ready to Streamline Your CRISPR Editing?

Make the most of your CRISPR editing efforts by teaming up with our experts. We'll work closely with you to identify and address your pain points, allowing you to move forward with confidence and speed. 

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Tailored to meet your specific needs 

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We work with your specific, personalized reagents 

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Simulate Editing


interrogates cell editing activity

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Analyze Data

Unique Algorithms

+ Measurements

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Deliver Insight

Outcomes Shared

+ Editing Advances

Get to the right edit faster.
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