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Here at CRISPR QC, we empower scientists using CRISPR to solve the world’s great challenges by providing the key cornerstones of information and insight fundamental to realizing the full potential of CRISPR.

An Inadequate Status Quo

CRISPR-Cas9 is a Nobel Prize-winning gene editing tool with the potential to revolutionize cell & gene therapies, diagnostics, agriculture, and academic research. Unfortunately, our current means of assessing the CRISPR editing process are vastly inadequate. “Gold standard” techniques (i.e., cell assays, NGS) can only reveal the result of a CRISPR edit, not the underlying factors driving its success, leaving scientists in the dark.

Introducing: CRISPR-Complete

Here at CRISPR QC, we empower scientists and companies with unique insight into the gene editing process, allowing them to engineer better outcomes.​ Via our CRISPR-Complete program, we provide end-to-end analytics on the underlying mechanics driving CRISPR editing success. CRISPR QC delivers this insight in vitro, prior to beginning downstream assays, thereby saving considerable time, money, and labor, all while achieving better edits.
Via CRISPR-Complete, we can do the following:
  • Measure binding between candidate gRNAs and Cas proteins-of-interest
  • Quantify binding between Cas-gRNA complexes and target amplicons 
  • Demonstrate cleavage of Cas-gRNA complexes at target amplicons  
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CRISPR-Chip Platform

How can CRIPSR QC provide such unprecedented insight? At the core of our capabilities lies the CRISPR-Chip, our proprietary, all-electronic sensing platform. The CRISPR Chip allows for real-time, quantitative analysis of CRISPR mechanics, something no other technology can do. To learn more, check out our CRISPR-Chip paper, featured on the cover of Nature Biomedical Engineering.
Nature BME Cover