Insightful Data to Better Engineer Life

To empower scientists across the globe who are using CRISPR to improve the quality of life for all by providing key cornerstones of information and insight.




CRISPR QC products provide key cornerstones of information and insight that empower scientists to better understand their CRISPR systems while providing an opportunity to improve costs and accelerate timelines by helping them select the best reagents and assay conditions for their experiments upstream of cell workflows

Save time and resources with fast and accurate. Quality Control of your gRNA

Cas complexes and CRISPR designs.

no amplification or optics


 The power of interactive data streams.

Accelerate your CRISPR research with CRISPR QC

Minutes vs. Days

Delivering accurate results quickly.

Uses CRISPR-Chip to enable sensitive and reliable readings.


Uses Biosignal Processing Technology