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The World's First and
Only CRISPR Analytics Platform

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The Defining Technology of
the 21st Century

The advent of CRISPR-Cas systems has enabled a new wave of advances in cell and gene therapies, plant and animal biology, and academic research. However, there are many roadblocks in the way of consistent editing outcomes. CRISPR QC allows you to realize the full potential of CRIPSR, with powerful insights to optimize editing.

Real-time Insight

Access data that will reinvigorate your editing process, so you can focus on the research

Time Efficient

Save the headaches downstream. Back your editing process with our insights to see what works best, and why.

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Invaluable Data 

Powered our patent-protected technology, CRISPR Chip, our CRISPR Analytics Platform allows you to interrogate your gene editing process like never before.

Our data analytics
platform will revolutionize
your CRISPR editing

Gene editing has the potential to revolutionize medicine and agriculture. Lack of reliable data and measurement tools in gene-editing delay R&D cycles and threaten gene therapy outcomes.

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Powered by CRISPR-Chip

Our patent-protected exclusive license to CRISPR Chip is the only technology that can uncover real-time insights to the biochemical factors that drive gene-editing success.

CRISPR is a Nobel Prize-winning gene-editing tool with the potential to revolutionize cell & gene therapies, diagnostics, agriculture, and academic research. However, there is currently limited visibility into the editing process itself.

Our Analytics Platform interrogates your personalized reagents, providing unparalleled precision in our insights. Here is our analysis process, we dig for data so that you can focus on the research.

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Prep CRISPR Chip


CRISPR-Chip for use

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Prep Samples

Prepare gRNA, amplicons, and Cas

load white.png

Load Samples

Robotic Measuring System (RMS)

simulate white.png

Simulate Editing


goes to work

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Analyze Data

Unique Algorithms

+ Measurements

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Deliver Insight

Outcomes Shared

+ Editing Advances

Let our CRISPR Analytics Platform power your gene editing.
Get in touch with our team of scientists today.

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