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Cardea Bio Announces Global Launch of First Proprietary Product in Partnership with CRISPR QC

Powered by Cardea, CRISPR QC is launching a rapid and highly sensitive quality control tool to characterize gRNA and CRISPR-Cas interactions.

"The CRISPR QC applications clearly demonstrate that our differentiated, high value, Cardean Transistor technology can be manufactured at scale and adopted to pressing market applications with major unmet needs." - Rob Lozuk, CBO of Cardea

CRISPR QC, a pioneer in streamlining CRISPR quality control testing, announced today the launch of CRISPR-BIND™, a rapid and highly sensitive tool to characterize gRNA and CRISPR-Cas interactions. CRISPR-BIND is the first in a suite of Quality Control capabilities. Built upon Cardea’s Biology-gated Transistors (Cardean Transistors™) and an automated, high throughput liquid handler, CRISPR-BIND generates highly sensitive electronic signals rather than optics or labels to enhance CRISPR researcher’s ability to perform rapid assessments of gRNA – Cas interactions directly at the lab bench. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring the interactions and stability of a variety of modified gRNAs with engineered Cas enzymes. CRISPR QC will commercialize CRISPR-BIND in the United States along with the world leading CRISPR experts at COBO Technologies who will offer the product across Europe.

“There is a high demand in the European market to rapidly characterize gRNAs and Cas variants for CRISPR-based applications,” says Jens-Ole Bock, CEO and Founder of COBO Technologies. “This powerful and innovative CRISPR QC platform will support the growing need for new sensitive QC solutions in the pharma and biotech segments and add an important new tool to the CRISPR research community.”

CRISPR QC is Cardea’s first commercial partner and CRISPR-BIND is the first of a series of CRISPR QC applications that will come out of the partnership.

"Upcoming product generations will offer alternate ways and perspectives on what the optimal guide RNA and Cas combination will be in varying environmental conditions and provide the user with insight to the ideal solutions for different CRISPR applications. Users will be able to both work in amplicons of rare samples, as well as in whole genomic unamplified DNA,” says Rob Lozuk, CBO of Cardea. “The CRISPR QC applications clearly demonstrate that our differentiated, high value, Cardean Transistor technology can be manufactured at scale and adopted to pressing market applications with major unmet needs. In addition, we’re thrilled to be working with CRISPR QC to develop this breakthrough technology and partner with COBO Technologies as their European distributor to ensure global access to these innovative technologies.”

“This is the first of many commercial partnerships coming out of the Cardea Innovation Partnership Program,” says Michael Heltzen, CEO and Co-founder of Cardea. ”I’m pleased with the market’s response and we will continue to partner with world leading companies to deliver breakthrough applications to disrupt markets.

CRISPR-BIND will initially be available to a select number of industry leaders and CRISPR-focused academic research groups. For more information about CRISPR-BIND, visit CRISPR QC’s website.

About Cardea Bio Cardea is linking biology directly up to computers for the very first time by building a Tech+Bio Infrastructure and offering chipsets based on proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors™. These transistors leverage graphene, a nanomaterial that in contrast to the common semiconductor material silicon, is biocompatible and a near perfect conductor due to only being one atom thick. It that way replaces optical static observations with interactive live-streams of multi-omics signal analysis, representing a new life science observation paradigm where multi-omics data-streams will be the new norm instead of most of the current standard technologies that are single-omics frozen-in-time datasets. Together with their Innovation Partners, Cardea can link biology directly to compute power and convert real-time biological signals to digital information, allowing for immediate biological insight and a new generation of applications Linking up to Life.

About CRISPR QC CRISPR QC is pioneering streamlined CRISPR quality control tools to accelerate research while improving accuracy and performance. With capabilities stretching from optimizing CRISPR designs and identifying the most optimal conditions to determining binding interactions and running quantitative analysis of amplicons and whole genomic DNA, their services save researchers both time and resources. Powered by Cardea and built upon automated high throughput liquid handling systems, their platform is optics-free and entirely electronic to eliminate risk of human errors and biology-distorting sample preparation.

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